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    When buying our condo a few years back, one of the items on our checklist was how close the property was to Earth Pups. I’m not kidding. I’m not saying it’s the main reason we bought our place right down the street, but it was a factor. That’s just a small example of how much we love and appreciate the team at EP.

    Earth Pups is still one of our favorite businesses in Chicago and my dog’s favorite place on Earth. We’ve been taking our shih-tzu Milo here for grooming, boarding and daycare for the past 5 years. The staff is fantastic and truly love the animals. The owner is the most passionate dog lover I’ve ever met, and my dog always comes home gorgeous after grooming, and exhausted and happy after daycare and boarding.

    The staff knows Milo’s birthday and throws him a “party” every year (along with every dog who goes there on their birthday), including dog treats, happy birthday signs/banners, birthday hat and photos capturing it all, and then sent to us, of course.

    I wouldn’t ever even think about taking my pup anywhere else.

    -Kristin S.

    I started bringing my dog to Earth Pups almost three years ago. My dog trainer recommended them. She has 5 dogs and uses Earth Pups so I thought I would give them a try. I had previously used another day care facility that used cameras, but it was so dark and had no outdoor space. The other thing that I like about Earth Pups is that they cater to smaller breeds.

    They are the best! From Julie, the owner, who treats my dog like it is her own, to the other staff members. They are all friendly, warm, and caring. I can call any time to check on my dog and they are always willing to provide a report. They understand that pet owners can be very needy and they will do anything to put their minds at ease.

    The facility is clean and has a wonderful outdoor space. They often post pictures so you can see what’s happening with your pup and his/her friends.

    I have recommended this place many times and will continue to do so.

    I recently moved to a different neighborhood and started using a dog walking service. My dog was experiencing separation anxiety due to the move so I started bringing him back to Earth Pups in hopes that this would relieve some of his anxiety. Yesterday was his first day back and he ran to the front door because he couldn’t get inside fast enough!

    I heart Earth Pups!!!

    -Gwen H.

    I have been a long-time customer of EP. We were the second customers when they opened several years ago. They are hands down the best boarding facility and grooming in the city of Chicago. Not only are they amazing, they have become like family to us. Julie, the owner, is the most wonderful person I have ever met. She cares deeply for all of her clients and treats the pups and owners with love and care.

    When times got tough for us financially, she even discounted every visit and boarding so that my dogs could still go to daycare because they enjoy it so much. Julie has even offered to take my dogs to the vet when their vaccinations have been due. She is a first class employer with long-time, loyal employees.

    One day my dog was feeling a bit under the weather, instead of an an annoyed phone call to come and pick him up, Julie took him to the vet herself to ensure he was ok. Vet fee payed for by HER! She doesn’t run a daycare facility for financial gain, she does this because she truly loves the work. We are so blessed to have found EP!

    I have referred them to everyone I know and will continue to do so. I have NEVER heard a single complaint out Of the many referrals I have sent their way. Everyone is blown away by how they treat their K9 customers and I agree to the fullest. She takes in foster dogs from rescues around the city, let’s them live at her daycare so that they have the love and affection that they deserve before finding a forever home.

    The facility is spotless, I mean it is the cleanest place I have ever seen. Staff is wonderful and I trust each and everyone of them with my two pups. The majority of them have been employees at EP since the day it opened. It doesn’t get any better than this folks. If I could give 10 stars, I would. I love them dearly.

    -Becca T.

    My Norwich Terrier “Rusty” absolutely loves Earth Pups. Back when he was a puppy he went there once or twice a week for socialization, and I’ve no doubt that helped him become such a well-adjusted dog.

    Rusty’s been boarded at Earth Pups a number of times, and has always had a great time. I certainly don’t feel worried about leaving him there for several days as he seems to love being there even more than being at home.

    -Rod D.

    I looked long and hard for a good doggy daycare. I wanted my dog to be able to roam free (instead of being locked in a cage) and I wanted the people working there to really care about my dog, even when I wasn’t looking. When I visited Earth Pups I knew I had found the right place. Julie and her staff are outstanding.

    I’ve been using Earth Pups for daycare, boarding, and grooming for about three years now. I love the place and so does my dog. As soon as we step into the building, I stop existing for him. He just wants to run inside and start playing.

    I love the updates during pick up time. I know the names of my dog’s friends, who he played with that day, where he likes to take naps etc. There have been numerous times when Earth Pups staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty including hand feeding him (multiple times) when they notice he hasn’t eaten his lunch and treating an insect bite so that he would be more comfortable while playing with his friends.

    The only drawback to Earth Pups is that it adds an hour to commute. Despite that, I wouldn’t dream of taking my dog anywhere else. My mind is at ease when I go to work or on vacation and I’m extremely grateful to Julie and her staff for that.

    -Laura R.

    We moved to Chicago about a year ago with our miniature dachshund Prince and were looking for a daycare without big dogs since Prince had a hip injury from playing too rough with his french bulldog buddy Turtle.

    After some trial and error with other facilities we settled on Earth Pups, and Prince has been going there 1-2 times a week, and been boarded on the weekend three times.

    Prince is very happy (he bolts as soon as we get in the door) and we are happy with earth pups, and know Julie loves the dogs.

    We have and would gladly recommend the service to friends!

    -Julian P.